What we do

Introducing the Belgian beer culture to the world by making beers it deserves. Inspired by Belgian brewing culture, so we like traditional styles, but often also try something new.


Kettu Beers are brewed in Lohja at United Gypsies Brewery with a Belgian recipe from Antwerp where our brew master Martin Renard is from. Renard means fox in French so the name for our beers was obvious.


Any business can order Kettu in cans or kegs by contacting us at kettu@kettubeer.com.

We deliver to shops, restaurants and anywhere where Kettu needs to be.


Kettu is a great giveaway for your company since we make packaging as requested.

Just email us and we will make it happen.

Meet us

The story of Kettu started when long time friends Aino and Martin decided to embark on the amazing journey of bringing amazing Belgian inspired beers to Finland.

The duo originally met in a metal bar in the centre of Helsinki the day before Martin went back to Belgium after a 3 week trip in Finland and Aino was about to start her exchange in Brugge. The two decided to keep in touch and have been close friends ever since.

Fast forward 10 years later. Martin has been brewing beers in his kitchen for a few years already and even went to a school for microbreweries in Brussels. While visiting a mutual friends in the Belgian capital Aino and Martin decided to set up a Belgian-Finnish brewing project.

Apart from some early ideas for recipes, also a name had to be found for the beer. After ideas like Luostari, refering to the Belgian monastic brewing heritage, Aino and Martin starting looking for inspiration in nature.

One of the more popular ideas was a fox and Martin’s last name actually means fox in french, so this just sounded perfect.

With this brewing project, Aino and Martin want to offer a wide range of great beers with an interesting story. Usually with a Belgian twist and a bit of Finland as well.

Our selection of beers

Belgian Stout

Belgian stout is Belgium’s interpration of the style, a compromise between British stouts and German dark beers. It’s well balanced, with a soft mouth feel. It has the typical roasty taste with notes of chocolate and coffee, but also hints of dark fruits often found in dark Belgian beers.

Belgian Quadruple

An ode to our favorite dark Belgian beers. Full-bodied, smooth and packed with taste. A complex beer to enjoy with friends.
Available in January.


Witbier is a classic Belgian style brewed with a good addition of wheat and oats that gives the beer a creamy mouth feel and spiced with coriander seeds and orange peel, which gives this beer a spiced and fruity taste. Perfect for sunny days, but also great if you want something light and easy with some spice.


Craft beer favorite powered by a Belgian yeast.
Available in April.

How to order?

It is easy, just drop us an email.

What friends of Kettu say

Pale brown head. Nose malt. Hazy dark brown reddish color. Malty and hoppy taste. Some chocolate and coffee. Roasty.
Friend of Kettu
Beer lover
Nice and light stout, yet tasty. Soft coffee-ish understones. Cutest laber ever (Totally not biased, I swear)!
Friend of Kettu
Beer lover

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